1. Ballin'

From the recording 1/2 Off - EP

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Flex gang pay fa da team in total
Riding shotgun driver of the Flex Mobile
Plenty wallets fa da cash
Still can't fold 'em
Everybody give me ya hands
Here jus hold it
Thass how I act anyways
Generous donor
Everyday's all you can play
Got all da tokens
Not much leff ta say
I thought I told 'em
Bigger man
Bigger brand
Mr. Mogul

Getting paid then I save
Spread it every way
Up ta date never late
On the bill pay
Increase the take
Raise the base
Bring home the cake
Getaway then vacate
Fa a couple days
Back on pace
Work late till the fam made
Bank straight
Every era great
Clear as day
Tradition overlay
Paper safe
Made men
Made women
Made children

Easy to support, I'll give it back
Whatchu gave and a bonus stack
No better way to grow in fact
Money bags, snatched another batch
Money bags Jr, got da fans
Investors ask cause they see da vast
Opportunity jus ta get this cash
Growth and ya know I'll make it last

Yeah I ball
Yet I want it all
Give it ta me

Didn work till college
Wasn waiting fa knowledge
Prolly cause of my mama
Would give her all da dollars
To me thass what was needed
Give ta da church then keep it
Thass what she was teaching
Give ta church, I believe it
Give her the rest cause
Cause she who I believe in
Maybe if I worked
The house thass home 
We'd still be in
I manage ta stay focused
Truss me these are the reasons
Once iss mine, in my grips
Truss me iss never leaving
In my mind,                          
I do not regret it
Now I only get raises
Never chopped on my lettuce
I've always been the selfless
That part I cannot help it
Spending all the extra
I don ever stress it
We gravy over here
Don’t ever forget

Yeah you right, I ain rich
Trick I’m ballin
Hit da shot I don miss
Trick I’m ballin
Over here all year
Trick I’m ballin
Less get one thang clear
Trick I’m ballin